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Rachael Bath is a naturalistic landscape artist located and grew up in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania.

Graduated with an Associate of Fine Arts at Lehigh Carbon Community College and is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Kutztown. Utilizing oil paint as the medium of choice, Bath conveys the environment found within nature through the use of natural landscapes and seascapes. Forming connections by exploring and depicting the innate beauty that surrounds us in society. Bringing to light the uniqueness and importance of the natural world and landscape, and expanding upon a created connection found between the viewer and the artwork sentimentally and emotionally. Since the start of her degree, Bath has taken part in multiple group exhibitions with members of her class and friends. Her work has been shown at the PSULV Gallery and the LCCC Rothrock arts showcase. Annually participates in juried competitions in the Allentown Agri-Plex Arts Show with multiple placings of first through third standing.

Artist Statement

When painting the natural environment, I feel calmer and at peace with myself. The content of my work is the exploration and depiction of the innate beauty that surrounds us, found within landscapes too seascapes. Pushing the individual to engage and think about the world, to see and experience the vast landscape and acknowledge the commodities it provides for us to live.

Pull away for a moment and be swayed with a feeling of calmness as the body relax and the consciousness breathes. Stepping back to appreciate the delicacy of the natural environment that is constructed. Creating art that explores the alluring scenery that comes from our natural world with a touch of whimsical memory. Striving to escape the constant busy life that is formed within our culture and molded into our society. I find the natural world to be extravagant, it!s comforting to know that nature is not perfect so there is no desire to be perfect, it's uniquely beautiful and full of odds. It doesn't matter where we are or what we do, the land will always find a way to take care of itself with time. It holds so much artistic charm to be seen with the human eye and I desire to experience that charm, in the moment and in my art.

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